Adhesive tape

Adhesive tapes to close everything.

We offer acryl, hotmelt and solvent type adhesive tapes to our customers that are available in various width and length besides the general 48mmx66m type. These tapes are available for manual and for machine application as well. Our product range includes various colours of the adhesive tapes besides the general brown colour and transparent versions, that you may require in printed version as well to apply as a kind of advertising surface. We pack 6 rolls in a pack, 36 rolls in a box and around 3000 rolls to a pallet. We deliver them on pallet covered with stretch foil.

Require our quotation via our web site. Please provide all the necessary information during your quotation request with special regards to the requested dimensions, thickness, and quantity. We answer your quotation request within 24 hours during the workdays.

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