About us

From everyday needs to special industrial requirements.

We offer packaging materials and packaging technological solutions for industrial and domestic applications. We are able to fulfil all demands and quality requirements thanks to our long-standing international connections and our systematic investment in the company.

ZalaPack, serving packaging technology

The wide-ranging packaging technology related activity of our company is unique in Hungary. We endeavour to meet all customer requirements and to provide market participants with a service based on deep knowledge of the field. We provide complex services to our partners, arranging our production line usage in such a way as to line up the packaging materials so that our customers can always buy their packaging materials for all their products from the same supplier at the same high quality. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification reflects the fact that our quality system meets all modern requirements. Our ISO 14001:2015 certification shows that we operate in an environmentally conscious fashion. As the world develops, we also want to keep up with the future. Our motto is reliability and quality, and our main purpose is to establish long-term partnerships to provide the best packaging technology services available for years to come.

Build on our experience!

Our packaging technology company started as a sole proprietorship in 1990, then diligent work led to its taking its current form by 1996.We have been a 100% Hungarian company from the outset. We keep our outstanding position even in difficult market conditions thanks to our almost 30 years of experience, professional colleagues, local and international partnerships, and our manufacturing and processing plant.


Global improvement and innovation

Year by year our operations are improved, keeping up with rapid technological developments to ensure continuous success in the area of packaging technology, and building long-term relationships in our expanding circle of local and international partnerships. We have a team of colleagues, who, besides maintaining daily contact, do everything they can to assust our new and existing partners. Our short and long plans include expanding our logistical coverage, introducing new products, increasing our manufacturing capacity, and creating new jobs.


Wide-ranging services in one location

Our main services include the design, production, wholesale, storage and on-time delivery of packaging materials. In addition to foil and corrugated paper derivatives, our product range has been extensively expanded over the years. Our range of stretch film is unique in Hungary. With three- and five-layer shrink film types, we can offer great savings to our customers. We serve all industries with a wide range of spacers. Our paper box production line helps our customers to buy their products directly from the manufacturer. We are taking steps towards the sale of environmentally friendly packaging material with our increasingly prominent recycled and special product range. All processes, from the reception of raw materials to the launch of the finished product, take place at our site in Zalaegerszeg, under the supervision of expert colleagues. Our own fleet logistics system ensures accurate and precise delivery.

Plant size: 23000m2

Warehouse capacity: 11000 m2

Manufacturing and processing units: 3000 m2

Transport vehicles: 13pcs 1 ton – 24 ton

Among the sectors of industry we serve are:

  • canning industry
  • food industry
  • dairy industry
  • beverages industry
  • building construction industry
  • electronics industry
  • furniture industry
  • households
  • webstores, parcel services


Our reliable system is proved by

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