Pouches and bags

The universal packaging.

Our pouch range covers various different products. We offer pouches to our new and existing customers from LDPE (slippery) and HDPE (crackling) raw materials. Our product portfolio includes simple pouches, peel pouches, VCI and ESD pouches, pouches with adhesive tape, pouches for the food industry, etc…and these can be in unique sizes and/or with printing on surfaces. Pouches have a wide range of uses. Our customers apply them mainly to package small components, for parcel delivery, and to package food products. Our bag product portfolio is similarly broad: we deliver lining bags to the food industry, textile bags to the clothing industry, packaging bags to the furniture industry and various other kinds bags for use in different settings. Bags can also be requested with additives to provide antistatic protection (ESD) and protection against the corrosion (VPC).

Request a quotation via our website. Please provide all the necessary information in your quotation request, paying special attention to the required dimensions, thickness, and quantity. We will answer your quotation request within 24 hours during the working week.


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