Manual stretch foil

Stretch foil with food industry approval.

Outstanding, revolutionary product made of high-quality material, available in 7-13micron thickness with 300m length.  Thanks to the high quality of the material, this foil can easily replace standard foils with greater thickness, thus as much as halving our customers costs and product prices, whilst also saving storage space as well as reducing harmful effects on the environment. This foil is suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs. Tests show that this stretch foil provides the same, or even longer lasting preservation than standard foils. At your request, we will make an in-person visit to your site to help you optimise your foil usage.  View the brief video presentation of this product to see the striking difference between this foil and standard foils. This product is available in both transparent form and a bluish colour.

Request a quotation via our website. Please provide all the necessary information in your quotation request, paying special attention to the required dimensions, quality, and quantity. We will answer your quotation request within 24 hours during the working week.


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