PE film

Flat film rolls made from LDPE and HDPE raw materials.

Excellent packaging solution for low usage. This product is made from low density polyethylene that shrinks when exposed to heat and is therefore a good solution for fixing products on a pallet. It is available in tubular, semi-tubular and shrink-hood formats even and can have printed surfaces using 10-colour high quality printing. Has a form suitable for freezing down to -65ºC degrees. We provide this product in the required roll size including macro and micro perforated and hand-tearable perforated versions. Hand-tearable perforated versions are good solutions for pallet covering or as covering films as the suitable length can be torn off from a roll station.

Request a quotation via our website. Please provide all the necessary information in your quotation request, paying special attention to the required dimensions, quality, and quantity. We will answer your quotation request within 24 hours during the working week.


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