Special manual stretch foil

The future of manual stretch-wrapping.

An outstanding product in every respect, and a revolutionary innovation. Coils are manufactured from high quality materails in 7-13 micron thickness and are 300m in length. Thanks to its high quality, this film can easily be used to replace the standard films of greater thickness and thus reduce costs and environmental product fees for customers, and reduce environmental pollution levels as well. This film is suitable for direct contact with food. Tests have shown that when properly used, this wrap provides the same or even better hold than standard films. Ask for our support and we will personally optimise your film usage. Watch our short video presentation of this product for a clear demonstration of its superiority.

Require our quotation via our web site. Please provide all the necessary information during your quotation request with special regards to the requested type and quantity. We answer your quotation request within 24 hours during the workdays.

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