Laptop – Notebook packaging box

Laptop box

Box designed to deliver laptops.

  • The box consists of two parts – One insert and an outer cover box.
  • On the inner insert there is a flexible foil – Protects your notebook from moving, vibrations.
  • Available for 15 and also for 17 cols versions.
  • You can find this box in 2 different qualities on our site. This type we rather suggest to use for deliveries inside the EU, on the other hand its stronger version is for even deliveries overseas. Try both version, that will help you to make your decision.

It is recommended for webshops and companies dealing with the distribution of electronic devices, but it is also suitable for your own home use.


Laptop doboz-1
Laptop doboz-2
Laptop doboz-3
Laptop doboz-4
Laptop doboz-5

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