White wine box

Wine box for 1, 2, or 3 bottles – Elegant packaging solution

  • Standard white coloured wine box
  • Made of thin 3-layer corrugated paper
  • The cutout at the front of the box allows you to see its contents without resolution
  •  With a carry handle ear on its top – To make carrying easier.
  • Due to its sleek appearance, it is perfect for providing a unique design
  • Custom printing is available

If you want to give a bottle of drink as a gift, you have found the right, elegant solution!


Borosdoboz 1-es + 2-es
Borosdoboz 1-es-1
Borosdoboz 1-es-2
Borosdoboz 2-es-1
Borosdoboz 2-es-2
Borosdoboz 2-es-3
Borosdoboz 2-es-4
Borosdoboz 2-es-5
Borosdoboz 2-es-6
Borosdoboz 2-es-7
Borosdoboz 2-es-8
Borosdoboz 3-as-1
Borosdoboz 3-as-2
Borosdoboz 3-as-3
Borosdoboz 3-as-4
Borosdoboz 3-as-5

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