Void fillers

Biodegradable space filler – An essential accessory for secure packaging.

  • Eco-friendly – Made of cornstarch
  • Fracture-free transport – It provides adequate security for the products you want to deliver
  • Its Weight is negligible – Does not affect shipping costs
  • Available in green color

A must-have product for the parcel delivery department of both retail, wholesale stores and individuals.



Paper space filler – Paper roll closed into a box, with light dosage

  • Aesthetic solution for filling the arising unnecessary places in the box
  • Easy to dispense – Available in rolls, wrapped in a paper box
  • Easy to handle, cut to size
  • Packaging: 78 m2 / roll
  • Space-saving, fits in small spaces – Roll size: 400x210x210mm

It’s suggested upon the delivery of glasses and vulnerable items, and also if we don’t want our item to slap back and forth inside the box during transport.

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Háromrétegű-5 + Térkitöltő

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